May Meeting Announcement

From Glenn:

Hello Roundtable folks,

Our next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, May 10th at 10:00. The topic for this month’s meeting is Underground Electric Utility Safety & New Customer Connect.

Michael Hayhurst, Vice President of Eversource Electric and Gas will present an overview of how the electric system operates in this area as well as focusing on the Underground Electric Grid.

Michael Sweeney, Manager, Eversource Distribution Construction & Contractor Civil Construction, will present on the Eversource Electric Utility transmission and sub-transmission system design which includes all aspects of underground civil construction as it relates to Eversource Electric in the city of Boston.

Mr. Sweeney will also review safety guidelines as they relate to the following:

  1. 1Establishing and maintaining effective communication with Eversource and their contractors throughout the completion of work.
  2. Dig Safe
  3. Underground Electric Safety
  4. Work-zone safety precautions designed to protect pedestrian traffic, motorists, and neighboring customers.

John Quinn, Senior Supervisor, Eversource New Customer Connect, will discuss protocol for new customer connect requests.

The Lessons Learned portion of our meeting will be presented by Jon Duffy, Manager, Eversource Safety, and Shaun O’Sullivan, Local #369 safety representative will review a “near miss” that involved construction excavation equipment and an energized underground high voltage cable.

The sponsors for this May meeting are Michael Hayhurst, Vice President and Douglas Foley, Vice President of Eversource Electric and Gas, and meeting is being hosted by Craig Pinkham, President of Local 369 Utility Workers Union Of America.

This meeting is being held at Local #369 UWUA Union Hall, 120 Bay State Drive Braintree, MA 02184. The 369 union hall is just down the street on the right from the OSHA Boston South aka Braintree Area Office. If ya still get lost please call the Union Hall for directions phone 781-848-3740 or Judy Fleming 617-943-7721.

As always, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at, by Friday May 6th for an accurate head count for the luncheon.