October’s Meeting Announcement

From Glenn:

Hello Roundtable folks,

The next CSREM Roundtable meeting is Tuesday, October 10th at 10:00. This month’s topic is the new Silica Standard that went into effect 09/23/17. Yes, the agency said it will not begin issuing fines and citations for another 30 days. The Roundtable has had this standard explained to us twice now once March 2016 by Susan Shepherd (State view) and again on December 2016 by Bob Kunz (contractors view). This month’s speaker is Lisa J. Sullivan, Regional Industrial Hygienist, USDOL – OSHA, Region 1 (will present the Federal view).

Member of the Roundtable will learn about OSHA’s new standard for Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica. The dangers and health risks of silica exposure will be described, and the requirements for Construction will be explained.  The phase-in period and effective dates for various aspects of the standard will be covered during Lisa’s presentation.

This is not just a review of the Standard. The rule reduces acceptable exposure limits to airborne silica and requires a written plan, training and, in some cases, medical monitoring to manage the dust. Lisa is prepared to answer the tough questions i.e. as they pertain to:

  • Medical Surveillance. Do I just create a form outlining the reason for the medical surveillance and have any person who would be potentially wearing a respirator more than 30 days annually sign it stating either yes or no to the exam?  Or do I offer it to all of the guys that we have fit tested regularly?  We do have a core group of guys that work with asbestos that have received chest x-rays, would they be covered under this as well since they do wear respirators?


  • Respirators. When fit testing is to be completed and the 30 day requirement and the medical surveillance that is to take place. When does a chest x-ray take place and can the person refuse that? Additionally my biggest question is what if a person wears the respirator for 20 minutes one day is that considered a day? How are you counting the thirty days – is it 8 hours or is it just use in a day? There appears to be two interpretations of the time clock. What do you do if an employee leave for a period of time and comes back? What do you do if a worker wears their respirators one week then don’t use it again for a month how do you monitor that is it thirty consecutive days or any thirty days? The “30 days” in a year of respirator use is unclear.  Does this mean that if worn for 30 separate days this applies? Or does it mean that 240 hours of respirator use in a year?


  • Medical Examinations – chest X-ray requires a B- reader, there is a physical exam, there is a pulmonary function test required and a TB test which requires a second medical visit because they have to read the test two days later.


This month’s meeting is being sponsored by Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc & Glenn Narrow of Greenwood Industries and hosted by Dan Lavoie of Liberty Mutual. Meeting is being held at Liberty Mutual Conference Center, Riverside Office Park, 20 Riverside Road, Weston, MA 02493. If ya get lost, call Nancy on her cell phone # 617-959-4414.

ADDITIONALLY: As you know, we renewed our OSHA Alliance September 01, 2017 at last month’s meeting. The new Alliance Agreement will be available at this month’s meeting for those of you who could not attend last month’s Alliance renewal resigning ceremonies.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at, by noontime this Friday October 6th to insure we have planned security badging, accurate head count for the luncheon and correct seating arrangements for this meeting. It is pretty simple, if you don’t RSVP, we will not spend our valuable time leaving Lisa’s presentation to vouch for folks held up at the security desk who did not bother to reply to this invitation of their planned attendance.

December’s Meeting Announcement

From Glenn:

Hello Roundtable folks, 

Our next and last for 2016 CSREM Roundtable Alliance professional safety development meeting is Tuesday, December 13th at 10:00. The topic for this meeting is Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard in Construction.

In our March 2016 Roundtable meeting Susan Shepherd, MA Department of Labor Standards, On-Site Consultation Program, explained the contents and responsibilities of the new Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard in Construction to us. Susan had shared her March speaking presentation for Roundtable membership reference as attached (at the end of this post). Now that we have had time to digest most of those items, it is time to understand the employer requirements and other key contractor provisions of this standard. In 193 days from this December 13th meeting contractors must be in compliance with final “Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard in Construction: rule sans legal delay or re-opening of the rulemaking process.

Join us while Bob Kunz, Corporate Safety Director, Dimeo Construction Company, leads us through a wide ranging interactive discussion (from the contractors perspective) related to this standard with a compliance required date of June 23, 2017.  We will discuss, various items such as the role and responsibility of the competent person, the difference between engaged and in vicinity workers (Is compliance with the 18 Table 1 tasks enough?), real-time exposure assessment(s), medical surveillance, and written exposure control plan(s).” Bob has had years of Crystalline Silica sampling and worker experience from a Silicosis point of view from open pit mining activities.

It has been a while since we’ve had a lesson learned presentation. As a group, we all participated in September 13th OSHA’s Region 1 Cut-It-Out Stand Down regarding the safe use of Cut Off Saws. While we have Bob at the podium, Bob is willing to share with us a lessoned learned on chop saws that he created for his Dimeo team.

The sponsor for this month’s meeting is Derek Lines, Director of Safety, John Moriarty & Associates, Inc. and hosted by Kevin McCarthy of Liberty Mutual. The meeting is being held at Liberty Mutual Conference Center, Riverside Office Park, 20 Riverside Road, Weston, MA 02493. If ya get lost, call Kevin on his cell phone # 617-512-0848 or Nancy on her phone # 617-959-4414.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at, by this Friday December 09th to assure your name is on the security list and an accurate head count is provided for the luncheon.


CPWR/OSHA Webinar on Silica

From Nancy:


Bob and I attended this web-ex meeting last week, some very helpful information and more to come.  Forgive the duplication of information as I know some of you are both members of CSREM and SAFER.

Thanks so much enjoy the summer.

Bob Kunz – “Team,

As a followed to the April 2016 SAFER meeting on Silica, please find the following:

I hope this helps answer questions”.

From Nancy: “The CPWR above create-a-plan tool is awesome be sure to check it out.  They show a sample of how it works in the webinar”.