February’s Meeting Announcement

From Glenn:

“Hello Roundtable folks, 

The next CSREM Roundtable meeting is Tuesday, February 14th at 10:00. The professional development topic is Managing-Fire-Safety-On-Your-Construction-Project.

Peter C. Harrod, P.E.  Principal, Code Red Consultants, LLC, Fire and Life Safety Specialty Consultants will provide an enlightening presentation regarding the recent adoption of the new Massachusetts Fire Prevention Code and it’s reference to NFPA 241, property managers need to understand their responsibility associated with construction fire safety.  This program will outline the scoping provisions associated with these requirements, while providing us a clear understanding as to the role of the newly introduced Fire Prevention Program Manager.  Pete will outline the general contents of a formal Construction Safety Program and explain how it is different, yet supplemented by a fire protection Impairment Plan.  Attendees will learn how to create a framework of relevant sections and appendices depending on the complexity of our next renovation or new construction project.  Specifically, Pete will explain how a plan managed by the owner is just as critical as that plan we implement as the General Contractor.  Lastly, Pete will discuss common challenges faced on construction sites and potential mitigation when strict code compliance is unavoidable.  This presentation will help out in the education of project managers on some best practices in the most difficult aspect of construction site fire safety; the process of implementation.  We will be left with some great tools to log impairments, hot work, fire watch, and safety survey results. 

The sponsor and host for this month’s meeting is Mike Fox of H. Carr. The meeting is being held at Wyndham/Chelsea, 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. Please note change in venue (I lied about this month’s meeting being held at Hilton Garden Inn, E Boston J). If ya get lost, call Nancy Hughes @ cell phone # 617-959-4414.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com, by this Friday February 10th to assure that correct number of seating is available and an accurate head count is provided to the caterer for the luncheon”.