January’s Meeting Announcement

From Glenn:

Happy New Year Roundtable folks, 

Our next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, January 08th at 10:00. This month’s speaker is Bob Kunz. Bob will present on two subjects, including visual risk mitigation plans and provisions of OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1427 operator qualification and certification,

Bob Kunz, Corporate Safety Director of Dimeo Construction Company will explore during the first half of the meeting, prevention by design and visual communication strategies. Over the past 27 years, we all  have seen an enormous amount of change in the industry.  The most significant advancement is centered around communication.  The ability to exchange ideas and information electronically through Skype, 360 degree cameras, visual mockups, Blue Beam, BIM, animations has created a tremendous opportunity for safety professionals to understand, anticipate, and develop visual risk mitigation plans. 

During the last half of our meeting there will be an interactive group discussion regarding Subpart CC. After several years of negotiated rulemaking, subpart CC, was codified in 2010 with an effective date of November 8, 2010.  OSHA delayed the enforcement of the 1926.1427 until a consensus with the stake holders could be reached.  A consensus was reached and the final rule was published on November 9, 2018.  Further discussion will relate to the provisions of OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1427 operator qualification and certification, with the emphasis on evaluations, for example:

  • Who is the evaluator?
  • What must be documented?
  • How are tests administered?
  • What language?
  • What if an operated was employed prior to 12/10/18?

This January meeting is being cosponsored and hosted by Nancy Hughes President of OHS Training & Consulting, Inc. and Glenn Narrow, Corporate Safety Director, Greenwood Industries. Meeting is being held at Double Tree Hotel 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. If ya still get lost, call Nancy Hughes on her cell phone.

As always, please RSVP to Nancy of OHSTC, Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com by this Friday NOONTIME January 04th for an accurate head count for seating arrangements and luncheon order.

December’s Meeting

From Glenn:

Happy Holiday’s Roundtable folks,

Our next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, December 11th at 10:00. This month we have two speakers as follows:

Joe Green, Compliance Assistance Specialist from the Andover Area Office will discuss why OSHA updated its National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Trenching and Excavation and how the Agency is supporting compliance assistance and inspection programs that address trenching and excavation operations. OSHA has documented the continuing incidence of trench/excavation collapses and accompanying loss of life and has determined that trenching and excavating worksites continue to warrant an increased enforcement presence nationally. Trenching and excavation work exposes workers to extremely dangerous hazards.  According to data, there were 130 fatalities recorded in trenching and excavation operations between 2011 and 2016.  The private construction industry accounted for 80%, or 104, of those fatalities.  An alarming 49% of those construction fatalities occurred between 2015 and 2016.


Daniel Kilburn, Engineering Supervisor, Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure, Office of Public Safety and Inspections, Tewksbury, MA (617) 877-0737 will present on MA Hoisting Regulations as a subject and more specifically to recent hoisting regulation changes since his last Roundtable presentation.  As most of you remember Dan and Rob Anderson Chief of Inspections – Building & Engineering co-presented at the June, 13, 2017  Roundtable meeting sponsored and hosted by Consigli. They provided an eloquent explanation through the Ninth Edition of the State Building Codes, Construction Supervisor Licensing and Other Exams, Trenching regulations, Recreational Tramway Safety and MA Hoisting Licenses. Robs presentation is posted to our CSREM website. Question: do you still need to have a valid driver’s license to apply for a MA Hydraulic License? In my opinion, all of us who have fork trucks in our warehouse facility and Lull’s on our jobsites need to hear Dan speech on the difference of MA operator training requirements.


The December meeting is being sponsored and hosted by Drew Peckham, Unified Construction Group LLC, Woburn, MA. Meeting is being held at Double Tree Hotel (formally Wyndham/Chelsea), 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. If ya get lost, call Nancy Hughes.


As always, please RSVP to Nancy of OHS Training & Consulting, Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com by this Friday December 7th for an accurate head count for seating arrangements and luncheon order.

November’s Meeting Announcement

From Glenn: Hello Roundtable folks,

Our next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, November 13th at 10:00. This month’s speaker is Tim Irving and topic is his annual OSHA update.

Tim Irving, Assistant Regional Administrator for Cooperative and State Programs, US DOL/OSHA Region 1 Office, JFK Federal Building, Room E 340, Boston, MA, 02203, will present his ever popular “Annual OSHA Update” and recap of the agency’s fiscal year enforcement and outreach results for FY 2018.  The review will cover the national, regional and local inspection and citation information as well as the regional fatal accident statistics. The CSREM has been instrumental in the success of the OSHA outreach efforts and other campaigns. Tim will give an update on how the success of these local events have national implications and how we can support upcoming training and Region I’s effort to initiate the 24/7 Challenge where organizations “Don’t just ensure your workers go home safe – Make sure they come back to work healthy the next shift.”

Both the sponsor and host for this month’s meeting is Joanne Cameron of National Lumber. The meeting is being held at National Lumber, 245 Oakland St, Mansfield MA facility in upstairs 2nd floor training room. If ya still get lost, call Joanne. PARKING NOTE – please do not park in the front of the building as this is reserved for store shopping customers. There is plenty of parking on the side of the building and along both sides of adjacent Oakland street. Please respect their walk-in customers.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at  nancy.ohstc@gmail.com, by noontime Friday November 09th to insure we have an accurate head count for the luncheon. Room capacity at National Lumber is 82.