October’s Meeting Announcement

Update…. The following power point attachments are now available. Thank you to all of our guest speakers.

DLS Asbestos Outreach

Regulatory Overview Outreach Presentation_05-OCT-2018 v3


From Glenn:

Hello Roundtable folks, 

Our next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, October 09th at 10:00. Topic is MA Asbestos Regulations. Last time we featured Mike and Mike they offered to us both an enlighten and very interesting topic presentation. As a result, we welcome them back for an encore although somewhat enhanced presentation.

Michael Flanagan, Manager, Department of Labor Standards, Safety and Health Programs, 19 Staniford Street, 2nd Floor, Boston, MA 02114, Office: 617-626-6958 will present on MassDLS Asbestos regulations.

Michael J. Elliott, Asbestos/C&D Program Coordinator, MassDEP – Bureau of Air & Waste, One Winter Street, Boston, MA  02108 617-292-5575 (office phone) will present on MassDEP Asbestos regulations.

The October meeting is being sponsored and hosted by Sebastien Brooks, Director of Environmental Health and Safety,  Marquis Management, LLC. Meeting is being held at Double Tree Hotel (formally Wyndham/Chelsea), 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. If ya get lost, call Nancy Hughes on her cell phone.

As always, please RSVP to Nancy of OHS Training & Consulting, Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com by this Friday October 5th for an accurate head count for seating arrangements and luncheon.

September Meeting Announcement

From Glenn Narrow:

Hello Roundtable folks,

Welcome back from an extremely hot and humid summer. The next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, September 11th at 10:00.

This month’s speaker is Paul Vigneau, Director – Division of Fire Safety, Department of Fire Services, Office of the State Fire Marshal. Paul will introduce and discuss the new Commonwealth of Massachusetts codes and programs dealing with the Statewide Hot Works programs instituted on 1 Jan 2018.

This September’s meeting is being sponsored and hosted by Joel Pickering, EH&S Director, Lend Lease20 City Square, Charlestown, MA 02129. The meeting is being held @ Double Tree Hotel (formally Wyndham/Chelsea), 201 Everett Ave, Chelsea, MA 02150. If ya get lost, call Nancy Hughes on her cell phone.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com, by noontime next Thursday 09/06/18 to insure an accurate head count is given to the hotel for catering and seating arrangements.


June’s Meeting Presentation

The following link contains the briefing slides from the June meeting.

Thank you to Peter Harrod, P.E. from Code Red Consultants, LLC for the great presentation!

2018-0611-OSHA round table – Firestopping Special Inspections and 241 impairments


Hello Roundtable folks,
The next CSREM Roundtable Alliance safety professional development meeting is Tuesday, June 12th at 10:00. This month’s speakers include Peter Harrod and Marty Leik.

Peter C. Harrod, P.E. Principal, Code Red Consultants, LLC, Fire and Life Safety Specialty Consultants will provide an enlightening two part presentation, namely, NFPA 241 Construction Fire Safety Plan Implementation and Trends with Wood Framed Buildings AND 3rd Party Fire-stopping Inspections – What Contractors Need to Know. Please see attached abstract.

Martin Leik, Regional Safety Director, Suffolk Construction Company, will speak on SmartVid by providing an overview of their photo recognition Artificial Intelligence program.

This June meeting is being sponsored and hosted by Marty Leik, Corporate Safety Manager, Suffolk Construction Company. Meeting is being held at Suffolk Headquarters, 65 Allerton Street, Boston, MA (your GPS will readily recognize this address). Please enter through the main entrance. There will be Suffolk folks to help direct us up via elevator to 2nd floor Stadium auditorium. Regarding vehicle parking, there is street parking along Allerton Street. Suffolk will also block off/make available all their visitor spots for this event. In addition, I’m sure there will be parking lot attendants providing direction where attendees can park in otherwise assigned spots just inside the black gate that surrounds the main parking lot. If ya get lost, call Nancy Hughes on her cell phone.

As customary, please RSVP to Nancy Hughes of OHS Training & Consulting Inc. at nancy.ohstc@gmail.com, by noontime Friday June 8th as to ensure an accurate head count is provided for catering arrangements.